Month: February 2016

Barnes Wallis students to appear in Stephen Hawking science documentary

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 08.40.44Students from Barnes Wallis Academy are set to take part in a science documentary hosted by Professor Stephen Hawking, after filming a life-size science experiment at Tattershall Castle.

Posed with the question ‘Why Are We Here?’, 150 students took part in the experiment which was set in the grounds of the castle. The students were tasked with acting out the movements of the universe just by stepping right or left, in order to represent Hugh Everett III’s Many Worlds Theory.

The documentary, called Genius, will air on National Geographic and PBS later this year.

Jess Johnson, a student from Barnes Wallis Academy, commented: “This is an amazing experience. To be part of a science series presented by Stephen Hawking and produced by a Hollywood Director doesn’t happen every day.”

Faran Ismailpour, Assistant Producer of Genius, commented: “Every member of the bigger bang team as well as the Tattershall staff were blown away by how disciplined and amazing the students behaved during the demo.”

Emma Day, Assistant Principal and Head of Science at Barnes Wallis Academy, added: “This was a fantastic experience for our students, they thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the experiment. It was incredible to see them acting out quantum physics in real life.”

To watch a trailer of the programme visit: